Walk like a Man coaching

Do you walk your path with clear intention and purpose?
Do you walk like a sexually attractive man?
Do you allow yourself to stay in your center while connecting with others?
What does it mean to walk like a man?

Do these questions resonate? Then “Walk like a man” coaching is for you. Together we investigate and improve your way of moving. You do not need any tango experience.

Walking the tango walk

The tango-walk is a tool to experiment with moving with clear purpose – while staying relaxed and grounded. We all have ingrained patterns that cause us to move less naturally, like an old belief of how you should move and walk “like a man”. These limiting images can be felt as blockages in your body, as places where the energy cannot move freely. The way you walk immediately reflects this.

Your walk as a mirror

I combine my experience as a tango teacher, from tantra & bodywork to develop a method for men to experience and transform the way they walk.
The way you walk directly reflects how you move in life. This coaching will give you insight in how your system normally moves. At the end you will experience a more present and relaxed quality in your walk. This will also give you a taste of a deeper integration of the masculine and feminine in your body. Experience how it can be to walk like this; relaxed but with powerful intention.

“Every man should learn how to ‘walk like a man’. The workshop was educative, very playful and with the effect that I am so much more aware of the way I walk. And yes, other people seem to notice the difference too! P.S. – Utrecht.”

Prices & booking

Walk like a man coaching can be a single hour of coaching, or a longer path of 3 to 6 sessions. We will assess after the first session what it is you need and want.

1 lesson € 60,-
3 lessons € 160,-
6 lessons € 300,- (1 lesson for free)

Prices are without traveling time/costs and rental of a space, if needed. Often it is easiest to plan a coaching after a regular lesson or workshop – contact me to plan this.
I will be in Sweden & Denmark regularly as well. Send me an email if you want to be informed about workshops and weekends there.

Contact form

If you want more information about coaching, please fill in the form below with your name, email and your question. Please indicate it involves a “Walk like a man coaching”, and where you are based. Then I will contact you as soon as I can.

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